Never forgetting all the customer’s reviews, the restaurant has always kept a vision of quality and thanks to them (customers) the restaurant has improved every day.

“For its search for constant perfection, we are currently considered a gastronomic reference in this region.” – says Zita Freire.

The secrets of the suckling pig: All begins in the choice of the raw materials we acquire, which are local and of high quality, ensures Bruno Figueiredo that thanks to his experience selects each suckling pig which is served in his restaurant.

The sauce is what distinguishes Mosteiro do Leitão from all the other restaurants, the recipe is exclusive of Bruno who cooks it and makes it different from other sauces. The seasoning is mild which allows the customers to savor our meat in a more authentic way.

After all the cooking and roasting is done, the suckling pig is surgically cut by Bruno and kitchen contributors and each piece is chosen judiciously so each serving contains only the best part of the roasted suckling pig.

Future projects; “We have several projects to develop in a short-term which will be disclosed in due time. Currently the projects are in an analysis phase and as such we would rather not reveal it to public knowledge just yet, as people say the secret is the key to the business. However we keep the promise to surprise all people who have accompanied our progress and we would like to return our confidence vote to all those who have helped us and trusted in our work.” – say Zita and Bruno.



  • Bruno Figueiredo
  • Zita Freire


  • Ricardo Fernandes
  • Ana Moreira
  • Vilma Santos
  • Laurinda Gameiro
  • Vera Rodrigues

Restaurant room

  • Gisela Carvalho
  • Ana Salvador
  • Daiani Santos
  • Hugo Santos


  • André Gaspar
  • Paulo Mota
  • Marco Lanzane


The uniforms were designed to make the space different from others in what concerns the image of all restaurant’s contributors.

Each sector has a specific uniform which was thought out to join finesse to simplicity.

In the confection areas, the professionals wear chef jackets and aprons with an exclusive design from Mosteiro do Leitão. The design includes the oficial colors of the restaurant and also the colors of the Portuguese flag as a way to honor the Portuguese cuisine and ou patriotism.

In the restaurant’s room, the waiters present a neat image wearing the traditional white shirt, a vest and an apron with an exclusive design, a tie with the official colors of the restaurant and a pin with the colors of the city Batalha and the colors of the Portuguese flag.

All our contributors are well identified in a way to make it easier to connect to our customers.