At Mosteiro do Leitão you can taste all our specialties.

We will gladly cooperate with you in preparing the most outstanding and unforgettable meal ever.

Prato de Carne

Meat dishes

– Suckling pig roasted Mosteiro
– Grilled chicken
– Roast beef rib
– Small beef pieces with wild mushrooms
– Beef/pork steak with egg on top
– Kebab skewer Mosteiro
_(Tender loin or Roast beef)
– Grilled pork tender loin
– Black pig tender parts
– Duck Magret with orange sauce, Arabian rice and arugula
– Beef steak in a hot stone with three types of sauce
_(Tender loin or Roast beef)
– Duck rice with orange
– Goat meat in the oven with roast potatoes and greens


Our wonderful steaks*

– Mosteiro’s traditional way
_(cheese topped with cream sauce)
– Portuguese way (fried)
– Wild Mushrooms
– With coffee sauce
– Dijon mustard’ sauce
– Grilled

*(The steak can be either tender loin, roast beef or beef rump – we allow the customers the chance to choose the type of meat they prefer)